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A approachable shoot em up with bit sized levels of hardcore action.

Two firing modes, focused and spread. One smart bomb per screen, clears the area from bullets and deals a high amount of damage. Blade with short range, clears bullets and recharges within seconds. Classic Combo meter, rack up high score by killing enemies within a shrinking time limit.

3 Chapters with two difficulty levels: First Time & Original.

Scenario mode: picks randomly from a pool of scenarios with dynamic difficulty in 3 min



Horizon Ending By Soft and Furious

Neo Force & Truth by Cyber-Rainforest http://cyber-rainforce.net/


Tyrian 2000 & Hard Vacuum by Daniel Cook

Shoot em Up Art Pack by chabull

See more information in reference document in links.

Websites: https://ushallplay.wordpress.com/2018/07/29/metaray-type-5


Move – WASD / Arrow keys / D-pad / Joystick

Shoot – Space / X / A

Smart Bomb – Shift / B / Z

Sword – E / C / Y

Paus - Esc / Start