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4 different Asteroid's to mine

- Copper Asteroid

- Iron Asteroid

- Silver Asteroid

- Gold Asteroid

Mining Drones so that you can collect resources over time,

as well as upgrading your Mining power so you collect more resources with every click.

You can refine the ore into Ingots to sell on the market or you can sell the Ores by them self on the market.

To do this you can Click on the "C" on the top left and click on how many ores you want to convert the current values are

for every 100 ores you can smelt one Ingot.

The market prices are as follows

Copper Ingot - 1000

Iron Ingot - 2000

Silver Ingot - 4000

Gold Ingot - 6000

Copper Ore - 2

Iron Ore - 3

Silver Ore - 6

Gold Ore - 10

So one day I had an idea, that Idea then blossomed into this abomination that I call space clicker, it is a game where you navigate to different asteroid belts then gather ore by clicking on them. you then can returning to the station and refining those ores into ingot