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Closes in 9



Player 1:

Movement: WASD

Charge: E

Attacks: attack 1 (fireballs): , attack 2 (fire defence): . attack 3 (teleport): / (hold then release)

Player 2:

Movement: Arrow Keys

Charge: Shift

Attacks: attack 1 (iceballs) : z attack 2(frostball)t: x attack 3(ice shield): c

Transform: hold charge then press v to transform, press v to return to normal. (attacks change while transformed)

Player 3:

Movement: IJKL

Charge: U

Attacks: attack 1(lightning bolt): 1 attack 2(create clone): 2 attack 3(advanced clone to attack player1): 3 attack 4(advanced clone to attack player 2): 4