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To play this game first choose a name for your save file. That will be known as your save I.D. Then hit the create button. To load a save file enter the save i.d you chose at start-up and hit load. The reason for save I.Ds is to allow Unlimted save files.

To actually play the click on the buy buttons to buy Sprinkles, Dough, and Oil which is required to make donuts. When you are ready to start your day hit the start new day button. A button for making donuts will appear. Click that button to make donuts. Throughout the day customers will buy donuts and give you money and fame.

Buy cooks to make more donuts without spending more resources. Buy stores to unlock the ability to hire more cooks and to earn more customers. Click or tap the donut to save the game.

Use the text near the top of your screen to check your money, sprinkles, fame, dough, oil, cooks, stores, time left in a day, or the current day. Use the text on the right of the screen to check the prices of things.