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WOOD - A solid board you can place anywhere. Burns in fire.

SAND - Particles you can place. Burns in fire. Careful, can cause lag!

FIRE - This can burn stuff.

COAL - Same as sand, however when burned, it turns into hot coal, which can burn wood.

PENCIL - Solid black drawing with no gravity. In other words it doesn't fall.

EXPLOSIVE - When placed, it will explode in 2 seconds, setting everything on fire.

WATER - Uses the same mechanics as sand, however can extinguish fire.

SPONGE - Can become wet or burnt. Absorbs water.

ICE - Block that melts over time.

SNOW - Same as sand, just... cold.

SEED - Turns into a flower when watered.

SECRET ELEMENT - Ever thought of holding the ground while running a lag machine?


Tap the + button to see the element list. On sand, coal, fire, snow, or pencil, you can draw anywhere. On wood, ice, sponge, and Explosive, you tap to place.

The button on the top right corner will clear the screen.